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    Call for papers (April, the financial literacy month)

    Annamaria Lusardi, Michael Staten, and William Walstad invite you to submit abstracts or papers to be presented at the Cherry Blossom Financial Education Institute.

    The Institute will focus on academic research about financial education. We are looking for research papers on all areas of financial education: schools; colleges and universities; workplaces; and special programs. We are most interested in papers that assess the effectiveness of financial education and its influence on financial behavior or other outcomes. Faculty members and researchers in economics and related fields studying financial education are encouraged to submit papers. We also welcome submissions from advanced graduate students.

    The Institute will be hosted by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) at the George Washington University School of Business. It is sponsored by the National Endowment for Financial Education. The event will begin with a dinner on Thursday, April 14, followed by an all-day conference on April 15 that ends with a reception. Travel expenses and accommodations will be covered for the author of a paper accepted for presentation up to a limit. This coverage includes two nights of lodging for domestic authors and three nights of lodging for international authors. Invited participants are encouraged to stay for the weekend to enjoy Washington’s famous cherry blossom season.

    Location: The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

    Date: April 14 (dinner); all day conference April 15, 2016 (ending with a reception)

    Deadline to submit papers or abstracts: February 1, 2016
    Please send a copy of your paper or abstract to Claire Meyer at


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